Jim Recommends Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr

We’re going to start a new weekly topic on this blog called “Jim Recommends,” where we highlight outstanding authors who Jim thinks you should know about.

The book of the week is Anthony Doerr’s collection of short stories called Memory Wall.  Please visit Anthony’s website to learn more about him and read all of the nice things people have to say about his work.  This is what Jim has to say about his new collection:

Everywhere in Tony Doerr’s work, there’s light and stone and unimaginable distance, while our hearts go on about their steady work. His subject is what we would hear on the most macrocosmic and intimate levels, if only we were to listen more closely. I love Memory Wall for the empathetic reach of its imagination, for the intelligence of its meditation on the consolations of memory, and especially for the tenderness and care with which it presents the ongoing miracle of humanity’s daily interaction with the world. These are beautiful and moving stories.

Memory Wall comes out on July 13th.  You can pre-order a from a bookseller of your choice here.

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