Jim Shepard’s “Boy’s Town” in the November New Yorker!

How exciting!  Jim’s story “Boy’s Town” appears in the November 8th issue of the New Yorker.  Click here for a preview.  A subscription is required to read the whole thing, and if you aren’t subscribed to The New Yorker, do it.  This minuteWho wouldn’t love a cartoon calendar for 2011?

The New Yorker plays a tremendous role in promoting serious literary fiction at a time when many other magazines (yea, I mean you,) have ceased to regularly publish fiction.  Plus, a subscription to the New Yorker gives you the amazing ability to access previous issues.  This means you can go back decades and read Salinger short stories in the New Yorker.

Here is a reading that Jim gave of Boy’s Town.  Watch the video, buy the magazine, and enjoy!

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