Master of Miniatures Available Now!

Thank you all for being so patient  – I am happy to say that Jim’s new novella, entitled “Master of Miniatures” will be available on January 21 is available now to pre-order

Here are some reviews:

A perfect embodiment of mid-20th-century anxiety, Master of Miniatures touches on hubris and nuclear testing, lunatic perfectionism and fire-tornadoes and the schisms wrought by grief and silence. In Jim Shepard’s deft and darkly brilliant tale about the master behind a legendary film, the complexities of creating a monster and shooting special effects resonate exactly with one man’s inner life. No one writes like Shepard, quietly layering loss over loss–and no one orchestrates catastrophe better.–Andrea Barrett

As in Nosferatu, with its smartly imagined life of the German film director F. W. Murnau, here Shepard considers the Japanese special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya and his cinematic inventions for the science-fiction movie we know as Godzilla. And like many of Shepard’s stories, Master of Miniatures limns the intense and alienated world of a focused expert obsessed with his field of endeavor, at a cost to his marriage and children. For Japanese survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the fifties, America itself seemed king of the monsters, to be looked at with fear and awe. This is a poignant and important story that seems to me a summation and condensation of many themes that have preoccupied Shepard before. Like a diamond held aloft, each turn of this tale in his deft hand flashes still more light.–Ron Hansen

Ready to pre-order?  Just click on a link of your choice to be directed to the appropriate page:


Barnes and Noble


We’ll be featuring more reviews this coming week!

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