“One of the best gatherings of fiction there will be this year”

Here’s a wonderfully kind post about Jim’s upcoming collection:

Because it’s a month in which a Jim Shepard collection’s to be released, it’s easy to assume that his You Think That’s Bad will be the best collection of short stories released this month. Actually, that might be foolish: I don’t want to posit any of this as something competitive. Here’s what I mean: Jim Shepard’s got a new book, and it’s being released near the end of March (two days after an incredible person’s birthday, one day before another incredible person’s birthday), and for those of us who’ve been reading contemporary American fiction for the last decade plus, we know that a book by Shepard is one of the best gatherings of fiction there will be this year. A book by Shepard has, at this point, become akin to a book by Munro—both authors are almost mind-bogglingly consistent and their stories are, at very best, trap doors through which the reader gladly falls and, through falling, understands or realizes or sees the world anew. That sounds lofty, but it’s true, as anyone who’s read Munro or Shepard can easily back up (for the record: I interviewed the man when his last book hit).

Visit the Corduroy Books blog to read the rest of the post.

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