Jim Shepard in One Story Magazine!!!

Jim is featured in the new issue of One Story magazine.  This is truly a wonderful, wonderful literary publication and well worth a subscription.

Read the post about the new issue here.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Fair and very cold. This morning, ice in our bedroom for the first time all winter, and in the kitchen, the water froze on the potatoes as soon as they were washed. Landscapes of frost on the window-panes.

With no pride and little hope and only occasional and uncertain intervals of happiness, we begin the new year. Let me at least learn to be uncomplaining and unselfish. Let me feel gratitude for what I have: some strength, some sense of purpose, some capacity for progress. Some esteem, some respect, and some affection. Yet I cannot say I am improved in any manner, unless it be preferable to be wider in sensation and experience.

My husband has since our acquisition of this farm kept a diary to help him see the year whole, and plan and space his work. In his memorandum book he numbers each field and charges to each the manure, labor, seed &c and then credits each with each crop. This way he knows what each crop and field pays from year to year. He asked me as of last spring once we lost our Nellie to keep in addition a list in a notebook of matters that might otherwise go overlooked, from tools leant out to bills outstanding. But there is no record in these dull and simple pages of the most passionate circumstances of our seasons past, no record of our emotions or fears, our greatest joys or most piercing sorrows.

7 thoughts on “Jim Shepard in One Story Magazine!!!

  1. Jim,

    I read “The World to Come” and was pleasantly surprised to read that it took place in Schoharie County, where I grew up (Cobleskill), and that at one point her husband goes to visit his father in Oneonta, where I now live! What made you choose this location for the story, and even more specifically, where exactly do they set up their farm?


    Libby Cudmore

    • Hi Libby, As a fellow upstate New Yorker I’m also interested in why he chose those locations. I will ask him one of these days and let you know!

  2. This was truly a wonderful story, both powerful and delicate. I have since purchased Mr. Shepard collections — You Think That’s Bad and Like You’d Understand Anyway, and continue to be amazed, rereading many a line to hold on to the mastery of the “subtle.”

  3. As a writer/teacher of fine short stories – widely published – would you share the secret of finding reviewers who would review either or both of an unknowns (me) recently published anthologies? Hope my request isn’t unethical – I’m at a loss. My thanks, on way or other. Allen M-

  4. Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

    • Thank you very much for the feedback! Very glad to have readers and that will give us motivation to post more often! Austin TX is a pretty wonderful place to be from!

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