Book Tour 2015

Jim will be starting national book tour this spring to promote his new novel, “The Book of Aron.”  Please check back soon for dates and locations.

One thought on “Book Tour 2015

  1. Jim, I’m a very dedicated fan of your work. My first published story (in ESPN The Magazine’s fiction issue edited by former ESPN intern D Eggers) was either inspired by your work or wholly derivative. Link: … Even though I’m a Canadian, I am a bit of a US politics junkie and thus think the John Ashcroft story ranks among your finest. I write mysteries (under the nom de guerre G.B. Joyce) and have published two though a Penguin imprint Pintail. Anyway, I just pass this along because I just “liked” your collections on Facebook and was disappointed to find I was the only one who liked L & H. One other person liked So You Think That’s Bad. I can only conclude that your devoted readers are just not Facebook profile junkies. I think any way I can get the message out …

    Would be great to catch you at a reading.



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